Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dress Like Trouble

This post is how to dress like Taylor Swift in her new I Knew You Were Trouble. Unlike her other videos this has a distinctly more edgy feel, with bar fights, make out sessions in seedy motels, and [possibly] drugged out dance scenes. She even goes so far to add a Lana Del Rey-esque Loosing Yourself Monologue at the beginning, though Taylor's is much shorter.

Waking Up:
The music video begins with Taylor Waking up in the middle of a trashed dessert-y looking place. She is wearing a ripped white shirt. It is a simple t-shirt with a big black spot right in the center. Her hair is cut choppy and short with faded and messily dyed pink ends. Her pants are dark wash, grayish, bluish, and her boots are black leather, combat. Around her neck is a key.

The First Time:
The first time taylor sees 'Trouble' she is hanging out as a gas station with her friends. She is wearing a lace tank, that is low cut. A pair of cuffed black shorts. Over the tank is a vintage looking blue cardigan, and under is a simple tank top. Her hair is not dyed, and she has a noticeably more feminine, innocent look. By the end of the scene is is wearing his black bowler hat and oversized yet still round dark sunglasses.

Driving in Cars With Boys:
Ah, the driving scene. 'Trouble' is standing up, while driving the car, yelling at the top of his lungs. A recipe for disaster, if you ask me. Taylor is wearing a chunky white sweater, with yarn fringe on the sleeves. She looks totally down with the fact that her boyfriend is about to kill them both.

We forgot what Motel Number it is a Long Time Ago:
 Big sweatshirt, raggedy black shorts, jumping on a bed, and making out with boyfriend, who of course, plays a guitar. In another scene in a motel Taylor wears a fitted black tank top and repeatedly places her finger on a bare lightbulb, pulling away as soon as it begins to hurt. Once again Taylor and 'Trouble' are in a motel and she is wearing a plaid shirt, and one last time she is seen in a chunky knit sweater making out with 'Trouble'.

The Necessary Train Track Scene in all stories about Disturbed People:
She and 'Trouble' jump back and forth over train tracks, while she wears a plaid shirt, and striped tank and grey skinny jeans.

Because He Felt Like It:
Bar. Old food on the table. Probably the only girl in there, besides the hooker, leaning on the old man, that [thankfully] were cut out of the screen. Taylor sits across from 'Trouble', wearing a short and I mean short black pencil skirt, and an off the shoulder flowy, loose, off-white shirt. She is Obviously hanging onto every word her 'lover' is saying. As they make their way to the door, 'Trouble' screws up some guy's pool game. Keep in mind this guy is two times the size of scrawny hipster dude over here, and he has a friend. Cue cliche, yet exciting bar fight. 'Trouble's' sick smile as he is thrown against the wall clues us in to the twisted story line this becomes.

Before The Truth:
Picture a fire escape, two young people making out, wearing grunge-edgy-hipster clothes, and some random woman on the next one over. Taylor wears a loose off the shoulder grey-ish sweatshirt, and denim shorts.

She Loves Him, He Loves That Girl With The Sparkly Face Paint:
Taylor and Co. walk to some sort of party, where a band is playing. The area quickly is filled up by other people dancing to the no doubt emo-pop-rock band playing on the stage. Taylor's outfit is a dark blue shirt with a faded British flag on the front. Taylor stands back and watches on with admiration as 'Trouble' pushes into the crowd, dancing recklessly among his friends, not hers. Taylor becomes more comfortable with this crowd, dancing around as colors wave and the picture warps, saying without saying Taylor has gotten in deeper into 'Trouble's' world. By half way through this scene 'Trouble' is making out with some girl who looks like an alien from a low budget sic-fi film. It ends with Taylor collapsing on the ground, and passing out as people dance around her. She wakes up where the video opened in the same desolate, party-ridden space. Alone.

Okay, so yes. I had fun going all emo writer on y'all, and this video has great style, and story. Here's the link, I highly suggest you look at it.

Stay Fashionable,

P.S. Pictures will follow in the next couple of posts.

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