Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What you need for the 'Girly' style:

  • Floral Dress
    There are so many different choices, the dress can have a few big flowers, or a lot of small flowers, and maybe even a few small flowers, in only one spot. Usually a floral dress has tank sleeves, but that doesn't have to be the case, there can be flowy short sleeves, and maybe bat wings would be cute. But the bottom line is, that no matter the style, to achieve the 'girly' style, there must be at least one floral dress in your closet.
  • Ruffled top
    Ruffled tops can be worn with skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, a tight skirt, or even a flowy one. They are super cute, and great for any occasion.
  • Ballet Flats
    The ultimate girly shoe. Once again, they go with everything-which is always a good find in a clothing piece- and there are so many styles(color-red, white, gold, black, purple, silver-,design-quilting, bows, zippers, knotting-,or style-peep toe, small heel, strap-, your choice). Just make sure they are comfortable.
  • Heels
    Heels can be super cute, and add glam to a simple outfit-like jeans and a t-shirt. Once again find a style that you really like, whether you prefer stilettos, platform, small heel, peep toe, strap, or boots. Find a cute and comfortable pair that you will wear.
  • Boot Cut Jeans
    Boot Cut jeans are super girly, and in a light wash they will go perfect with soft, light colors.
  • T-shirt
    Okay, any style is going to have some sort of t-shirt involved in it. But a soft one in a light, girly color, with a girly/romantic slogan or picture will be super cute, and will be very fun to wear.
  • Cardigan
    Though a cardigan wont keep you very warm, it is perfect for layering over a shirt, a dress, or layering under a vest(puffy or not), or a big coat. A cardigan will warm up any dress or outfit for that matter so make sure you have a few.
  • Floaty Skirt
    Put this on and BAM! immediately it adds a whole layer of girlyness and is perfect for a movie, a date, or a day walking around. A floaty, flowy skirt, is defiantly a must have.

Stay fashionable,



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Monday, December 26, 2011

Go Taylor Momsen!

My overall Favorite dress/ Outift

My Favorite Edgy Formal Outfit

My Favorite Girly Formal Dress/ Outfit


Necessary clothing pieces for an 'EDGY' wardrobe:

  • Skinny Jeans
    Skinny Jeans go with everything. They go with flowy, tight, cropped, thigh length shirts. And any kind/length of jacket looks great. Make sure you find several pairs that fit well. Tight(but not suffocating), long(but not so much that they don't fit), and comfy(who wants to walk around in uncomfortable clothes all day?). Even better if they have minor(fading) or major(ripping) distressed accents. And if you find them in an awesome color... You're set!
  • Boots
    I have a pair that I wear with every outfit. I love them. Boots go with everything, dresses, jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings... Find a pair you love, in a style you love, wear with something you love, and viola!
  • Leather Jacket
    Leather jackets are tough, but can be girly, or boho, or really any style. For example, buying a tough, black one with studs is going to give off a 'don't mess with me, I will kick your sorry butt' feel, and a brown one with fur, that is a little more pliable is going to look a little boho-ish. But a cropped one with a girly charm on each zipper is going to look tough, but still send a major 'I'm sweet.' message.
  • Black(or any color) mini skirt.
    What's so cool about a mini skirt is it can be ANY style you want. But since I'm doing edgy right now, that is what I am going to focus on. For summer you can wear the skirt with a tank top, an old t-shirt, a button down, or a crop top. In the winter put leggings or tights under, and wear a fabulous leather jacket or boyfriend cardigan in a neutral color, or a bright eye catching color like red or even silver!
  • Cutoffs
    Like a mini skirt you can wear cutoffs any time. They look super cute with fishnets or colored tights. Neon leggings would be bright, fun, and unexpected. For school tone it down with black leggings or basically colored cropped leggings.
  • Rock/Faded/Vintage Tee
    Super cool looking, a conversation starter, and if it is old... Super soft and comfy!
  • Tunic
    Tunics have a laid back feel, and can come in a bunch of different styles and patters. If you have a super loose one, belt it, to accentuate your waist.
  • Unique Belt
    What better way to show individuality and originality that with a cool belt. Search for ones at second hand/thrift stores, or your mom's from when she was younger. They are especially cool if the buckle has some sort of design or shape that no one else will have.

-Hats are fun and good for keeping warm or just looking cute, but don't put a hat on, just cause. If your outfit is already busy with stripes rips, and a fringed floral bag, hold off on the floppy hat, maybe go for a simple beanie or solid beret, or even none at all.
-Jewelry: When piling on necklaces have some or all at different lengths. Chains look super cool, especially when they are different widths, but if you have a busy outfit don't put on a lot of jewelry, and if you have an insanely cool, yet still insane amount of necklaces and bracelets, don't but on the chandelier earrings. Sometimes, just cause you can, doesn't mean you should wear every possible amount of jewelry, on every possible place.

Happy fashioning!

Cupcake rebel. Just Dahling.

Friday, December 23, 2011

About Me

   Sup. I'm Izzy, and this is my blog. If you want to learn about me you can read my profile in the right hand corner.
    This is my third attempt at a blog, the first one got deleted when my email got locked, the second, well it turned out that there is a movie, a tour, and about a thousand other blogs and websites with that name. This my dear readers, is My Blog, Take Three. (Dramatic music playing in the background, getting louder and louder as the sad story of my blogs is read.) :)
     Right now I am really into the sort of 'edgy' style, but I also like 'girly' and 'quirky'. I like boho style, but don't really have any boho clothing pieces.
     I am in 7th grade.
     My favorite patterns are plaid and zebra print. Plaid because there is so much you can do with it, and there are a lot of different colors you can have in one plaid piece. I like zebra because it can be in any color, and one zebra piece to a room, a set of whatever, or an outfit adds playfulness, but isn't to over the top, unless the whole entire outfit is zebra and there is actual fur involved. Then...
     I am probably going to watch Colombiana tonight with Zoe Saldana (who is so pretty it is kind of unfair to the rest of the girls in the world).
     Sorry no fashion on this post, I'm just getting the blog started, ya know?

<3 Izzy