Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What you need for the 'Girly' style:

  • Floral Dress
    There are so many different choices, the dress can have a few big flowers, or a lot of small flowers, and maybe even a few small flowers, in only one spot. Usually a floral dress has tank sleeves, but that doesn't have to be the case, there can be flowy short sleeves, and maybe bat wings would be cute. But the bottom line is, that no matter the style, to achieve the 'girly' style, there must be at least one floral dress in your closet.
  • Ruffled top
    Ruffled tops can be worn with skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, a tight skirt, or even a flowy one. They are super cute, and great for any occasion.
  • Ballet Flats
    The ultimate girly shoe. Once again, they go with everything-which is always a good find in a clothing piece- and there are so many styles(color-red, white, gold, black, purple, silver-,design-quilting, bows, zippers, knotting-,or style-peep toe, small heel, strap-, your choice). Just make sure they are comfortable.
  • Heels
    Heels can be super cute, and add glam to a simple outfit-like jeans and a t-shirt. Once again find a style that you really like, whether you prefer stilettos, platform, small heel, peep toe, strap, or boots. Find a cute and comfortable pair that you will wear.
  • Boot Cut Jeans
    Boot Cut jeans are super girly, and in a light wash they will go perfect with soft, light colors.
  • T-shirt
    Okay, any style is going to have some sort of t-shirt involved in it. But a soft one in a light, girly color, with a girly/romantic slogan or picture will be super cute, and will be very fun to wear.
  • Cardigan
    Though a cardigan wont keep you very warm, it is perfect for layering over a shirt, a dress, or layering under a vest(puffy or not), or a big coat. A cardigan will warm up any dress or outfit for that matter so make sure you have a few.
  • Floaty Skirt
    Put this on and BAM! immediately it adds a whole layer of girlyness and is perfect for a movie, a date, or a day walking around. A floaty, flowy skirt, is defiantly a must have.

Stay fashionable,

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