Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shopping!!!!! ;P

Helllllloooooooooo, peoples! Wazzup? How ya doin'? I'm baaaaaaacccccckkkkkk! So, I'm excited because on friday I went on a shopping trip. My first one of 2012!!!! EEEEEE! Okay. Sorry. I'l chill on the exclamation marks...

'Neway. This is a list of what I got:
  1. blue-grey acid wash sweater shirt, long sleeved
  2. a purple loose short sleeved shirt with purple peacock feathers
  3. a pair of red skinny jeans
  4. a pair of distressed, creased, and faded flare jeans
  5. black lace tights
  6. a pink camisole
  7. two camis (one black one white) with lace at the neck and hem
  8. a light pink circle shirt that has a lace insert in the back
  9. gold sandals
  10. light brown leather booties (the soft/furryish kind) that have a fold over top with white fuzzy stuff
  11. a pair of moccasins
So that is what I got. I figure that instead of going shopping again for summer I can just cut a coupe jeans that I have that are too short.


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