Friday, July 20, 2012

3 looks from LOL

Recently I saw the Miley Cyrus movie, LOL. I know that everyone else said that it was total crap, but I on the other hand liked it. It was a remake of a French movie, which I haven't seen. Something else about LOL that I really liked was the fashion. It was modern, edgy, indie, girly, and very city-inspired. The short version: awesome.

 Lola(Miley Cyrus) with Kyle( Douglas Booth)
As you can see Lola's outfit is a twist on a classic style. Jeans, solid top, and black boots get an edgy twist. The jeans are ripped, and her boots are not tied all the way to the top, and her top has sheer stripes and cropped-ish.

 Lola(Miley Cyrus), Kathy(Gina Gershon), Emily(Ashley Hinshaw)

Ashely(Ashley Greene)

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