Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How to Dress Like Lana Del Rey

My current music obsession is Lana Del Rey, and she wouldn't be a horrible person to have as a fashion influence. These are some pictures  that I got from this website.
 Rock band tee( Guns&Roses),  skinny jeans, and studded/ rinestoned ballet flats, comfy and cute. The sweater will keep you warm, and the bag is the perfect edgy touch!
 The definition the CLASSIC style. Blue jeans, white shirt, black blazer. The red flats are a surprising and pretty pop of color, and the white bag is the perfect size to carry the necessities, and still look stylish without looking bulky.
 All I can say is that I love this outfit! And this: The all black, plus the shirt tied showing a bit of skin? Cute, stylish, and perfect for a day out, or the movies.
 This outfit is great for chilling out. Moccasins are comfy, and the sweater is quirky cute. Lana Del Rey has the ability to pull of anything, making me jealous.
 Denim on denim can be hard to pull off, but as long as they aren't matching they will look really cute. The cropped polo is adorable and is casual yet flirty.

 I am loving the sheer maxi skirt with the non-sheer slip. This outfit is comfy yet pretty, and a perfect mix of casual and dressy.

I must admit that I do like varsity jackets, and Lana does seem to be a fan of skinny jeans and ballet flats. Not that I'm blaming her. And are those ballet flats familiar? Yes they are! See pic. number 1. And there is nothing wrong with wearing something twice, because what if there is something that you love? Are you really only going to wear it once? Please, don't waste it!

Stay Fashionable,
Izzy xx

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